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Reform in the Triangle

To start the conversation, I encourage everyone to take a look at the article published in today’s News & Observer highlighting where several organizations around the Triangle stand on health care reform, including WakeMed.

This, and many other relevant articles, will be posted and stored in the News Archive section of this blog.


3 thoughts on “Reform in the Triangle

  1. I have worked in the healthcare industry for approximately 20 years and am currently a full-time student in a healthcare administration program. I have work experience and have researched the history, current, and projected healthcare system. A lot of the processes work, but a lot of them do not. I’ve researched the pros and cons of countries that have gone to a universal health insurance program too. However, looking at the entire field and trying to find solutions that will fit each situation is just an overwhelming task. I understand as a nation we want insurance for everyone, and that as a nation we need to reform the current programs.

    While I think it is imperative that we implement these changes, I also believe that as some changes are made other project changes will need to be revised. Instead of trying to create a program that covers all of the needs, I think baby steps may be a better way to go. Handle each issue, or related issues as one project. Previously, the issues have been scrutinized and our political representatives have been unable to agree to needed solutions. Perhaps, if the issues were broken down it would be easier to come to a compromise to ensure that the needs we have as a nation become reality.


  2. I am happy to see WakeMed continue to be a vocal and public leader about such an important topic.

    I would like a request a post summarizing the major characteristics of Obama’s health plan and WakeMed’s opinion regarding each of these points.

    It is my belief that most of the public only has a vague idea of how the proposed plan would actually changes things. I think we all agree that changes need to occur. Now, let us discuss the specifics.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. David,
    Thank you for your comment and for continuing to follow the blog. There are actually some great resources that summarize what the different plans currently include. In fact, one chart outlining the health care coverage aspects was included in the News & Observer on July 29, 2009. We at WakeMed are also developing a similar chart outlining the different plans’ changes to health care delivery. I will share this document on the blog when it is complete. I plan to address many of the issues at the forefront of the debate over the coming weeks on this blog. And, I hope you’ll continue to remain active in the conversation.

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