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The “R” Word

I’ve been running a hospital for the better part of three decades and my friends and neighbors often seek me out when they have questions about health care. Lately, those questions have been coming a lot more frequently and they are all about health care reform. The short answer to the most frequently asked question of late – “is health care reform going to happen?” – is YES. The “R” word – Reform is going to happen. It has to. But there are still a lot of unanswered questions like “What is it going to look like?” “How are we going to pay for it?” “Is it going to work?” “How will it impact North Carolina, the Triangle, your family, you?” etc. While we don’t know exactly the answers to these and many more questions, we do know that there are two key pieces of this reform – the first is being discussed right now – coverage for everyone – and the other focuses on the health care system itself and how it can work better.

I decided to start blogging because it is the best medium to answer many of these questions for a broader audience quickly. Things are changing so fast that it is hard for those of us in the industry to keep up – much less if you are not in the industry and don’t live and breathe it daily. It is my hope is that this blog will be a tool to help you stay abreast of the issues and that it becomes a forum where we can have frank conversations about how health care is delivered now, what the proposed changes mean and how they will impact health care delivery.