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Terrorism in Our Backyard

The United States employs military troops across the globe to fight terrorism and protect our freedom. And, the service of these troops to their country and the world cannot be overstated or underappreciated.

But overseas is not the only place where we experience terrorism.  When people organize with the purpose to cause harm it creates a state of fear – whether the violence happens in your own neighborhood or in the Middle East. 

When a young man is shot after being sought out following a confrontation at the local club Envy (formerly known as Black Tie), or most recently, when a Domino’s assistant manager is fatally assaulted in a robbery attempt* – these incidents are examples of terrorism in our own neighborhood. This is violence we must band together to eradicate. 

Let’s strengthen our communities, work with our neighbors to turn the criminals in and send a clear message that this kind of violence will not be tolerated.

* Note that law enforcement is looking to the community for leads to help catch the Domino’s thief and killer.  A reward fund has also been set up with Eastern Wake Crime Stoppers. Anonymous tips can also be filed by calling the Knightdale Police Department (919) 217-2261.