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Kudos to Wake County EMS

Wake County EMS recently issued a press release announcing that they will be featured in the April 2010 medical journal, Annals of Emergency Medicine, highlighting the county’s 200 percent improvement in outcomes for victims of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Wake County.

People who live, work and play in Wake County should be thankful for and take comfort in having such a well-trained, progressive EMS system.  They are consistently on the cutting edge, ensuring that every call they respond to and patient they assist receives the highest level of out-of-hospital care, whether the call is for a cardiac arrest or otherwise. I would especially like to tip my hat to their medical director, Dr. Brent Myers, who also serves as an emergency department physician in the WakeMed system.  

Right now all governmental agencies are under pressure to reduce costs, work harder and smarter. Wake County EMS is an excellent example of a county service that is demonstrating real value as an agency and through its coordination with community health services and organizations. We should all remember that what happens in the field with first responders and EMS is important to everybody who lives in this community, because at any time you could be the one in need.


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