WakeMed Implements Visitor Restrictions Due to Flu

Flu season has hit NC hard this year, and earlier than usual.  In fact, this has been reported as the worst flu season in NC in the past ten years.  Our emergency departments, urgent care and primary care sites have all reported high flu volumes throughout the system. 

In an effort to protect patients, visitors and employees, WakeMed is implementing the following visitor restrictions effective December 31, 2012.

WakeMed Restricted Visitation Policy – Effective December 31, 2012

  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to visit patients without prior approval from a WakeMed healthcare provider
  • There is a limit of two adult visitors per patient at a time
  • Visitors who are ill with a fever or other cold or flu-like symptoms including cough, sneezing, running nose, sore throat, vomiting or diarrhea are asked not to visit patients. 

We understand that these visitation restrictions can be an inconvenience for your family.  Please know that we only restrict visitation during the height of flu season in an effort to protect hospitalized patients who are particularly vulnerable to illness.  A virus like the flu or a severe cold can significantly complicate recovery and delay discharge from the hospital.

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation as we respond to this year’s flu season.


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  • Katie says:

    If WakeMed is so concerned about the flu and are hindering children’s ability to visit with parents in the hospital maybe they should make other changes like say Pregnant women in labor probably shouldn’t be checking in via the ER (flu-central.) Not only does it open them up to a world of germs when their immune system is down but then they carry them all upstairs to labor and delivery and around their new baby. If this is really that great of a concern I think policies like that should be addressed as a greater threat to spreading the flu then letting children visit parents.

  • Heather Monackey says:

    Katie, thank you for your comment. This is a wonderful observation, and I have passed it along to the administrators reviewing our policies. It is our goal to protect all of our patients, and we want to make sure nothing has been overlooked.

  • Talia Alley says:

    It says no one under 18 without prior approval. How do we go about trying to get that approval? I have 3 boys that are sad they can’t come meet their new bother in the hospital. They’ve all had flu shots. Thanks for keeping your patients safe!

  • Heather Monackey says:


    I am working on finding the answer to your question and will post the answer soon!


  • Melanie says:

    Has an answer been found for granting approval for visiting siblings under 18? I am due next Sat, Feb 2 and have a 3 year old who will be very disappointed if she can’t see mommy or her new brother until we come home.

  • Heather Monackey says:

    Hi, Melanie-

    Sorry for the delay responding. I did research your questions and unfortunately learned that if it is not a life threatening situation they are not able to make visitation exceptions. I know this is not ideal, but please understand it is being done to help keep you and your newborn safe. Congratulations, by the way. I know this is a very exciting time for your family.


  • Megen says:

    Hi, I was wondering when the visitor restrictions will be lifted?? It said that they will only have these restrictions during the height of flu season…I know you may not have an exact date, but maybe an idea??? I am currently pregnant and am going to deliver early probably sometime in March and am concerned that my daughter will not even be able to come to the hospital at any point.

  • Heather Monackey says:

    Hi, Megen-

    I just learned that the visitor restrictions will be lifted soon. I don’t have an exact day, but it will most definitely be well before your march due date. Congratulations on your new baby.


  • Laura says:


    Any news on a date when the ban will be lifted? I’m due to deliver at Wake Med in 2 weeks and I’m anxious to know of my other children will be able to visit the new baby.


  • Heather Monackey says:

    Hi, Laura-

    The restricted visitation will be lifted on Thursday, Feb. 14.


  • Laura says:

    Great, thank you Heather!


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