Why Breakfast is The Most Important Meal of the Day

Ever wonder why dietitians staunchly recommend eating breakfast?  There is a metabolic reason behind this advice. 

Your body has been fasting for at least eight hours while you sleep.  When you skip breakfast, your body comes up with a way to get needed energy by exhausting stores saved in your liver.   When that supply is used up, your brain signals  your liver to start making sugar to keep it from starving. 

Your body does not know when it is going to get its next meal.  As a result, that 12 inch sub you eat for lunch because you are so hungry, may stick around longer than you like in the form of stored fat your body socks away because it thinks may be on the verge of starvation.  

Ginny Wolf is a diabetes educator with WakeMed Adult Diabetes program.  To learn more about managing your diabetes, contact us today by calling 919-350-7292.


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